Monday, February 14, 2011

That's more like it...

Day 11, Feb 13th

Great fun day on the slopes today. On a personal note, I seem to have found my snow mojo and had a great time.

Clive and Karmen took the 3 bigger kids out at about 9:30 after the the rest of 'The Gang' had all left earlier for a shopping trip to Kelowna. Casey and I were about 10 minutes behind them, but just as we were about to leave the 'spa guy' turned up, so we waited for him to finish his spa magic and headed out.

We took a few pics of the unit from ground level as we headed for the gondola...

Brenda hung the Aussie flag upon our arrival on the balcony which is also home to the spa. The balcony on the other side of the unit is also our balcony which houses the BBQ and a small outdoor setting.

The plan to meet up with Clive got a bit muddled between us and although we were skiing in the same area, we were on different runs. Casey and I skied the Powder Chair for a few runs then I suggested we do a run to the top of the cliff on the T-bar. We then skied down to the Falcon Chair and took our first ride of the week up to the very top of the ski area. Being a Sunday the chair was open, so I told Casey we may as well take the opportunity to ride it because it was likely to be closed on our last 2 days here. I didn't bring the good camera out, but Casey had the point and shoot so we took a few pics up amongst the snow ghosts...

We made our way back down the mountain and decided to head in for coffee and an early lunch at the Village Centre Mall. We skied down past the Ridge Rocket Cafe, jumped on the Plaza Chair and headed for coffee. As I was taking my gear off whilst Casey went and bought the coffees, my phone rang and it was Clive. They were having lunch at the Ridge Rocket Cafe which we skied past not 5 minutes

We agreed to meet up at the Black Forest. On our first run up the chair we spied the kids darting in amongst the trees so we yelled to them from the lift. We quickly made our way down where we finally met up as a group and it was now 1pm!!

The rest of the afternoon was spent in the Black Forest. The snow was in magnificent condition and everybody was enjoying themselves. Casey skied down ahead of us on a run and did a quick video of us all skiing down, one by one...

We got the last lift call just before 3:30 and it was time to head back to the unit. Unfortunately being a Sunday there was no night skiing, so we couldn't have a few 'last runs' off the Bullet Express which stays open on night skiing days. Everybody would have been happy to stay out for a few more, even though it was starting to get cold. We have the ski back to the unit sussed right out by now, it is really very easy except for the drop into the back of the unit itself is a bit scary, but doable, even for the kids.

We arrived back to the unit a few minutes before the day trippers arrived home with the news that Diane had taken a heavy tumble on the ice just after getting off the bus down at Happy Valley. She was obviously a bit shaken and has a very sore left arm and left knee. With plenty of ice on the knee and her arm now in a sling, we'll know a lot more tomorrow, but hopefully no severe damage has been done. As long as she can walk to the train on Thursday, she is going to have ample opportunity to put the feet up and recuperate whilst railing across the country.

Casey took the kids down for a swim in the pool which gave Clive and I a chance for some peace and a few quiet beers in the spa. After our spa, Clive and I showered and got back into our ski parkas. We had a BBQ to cook and parkas were a must out on the frozen balcony. Fortunately the BBQ was a success, no complaints were heard from 'The Gang' on the quality of the meat and there wasn't much left at the end.

At 8:30pm most of us settled back with our red wine/white wine/girly drinks and watched the Grammy's live. Fortunately we had the resident expert, Casey, who was able to identify every performer and every celebrity head that was picked out by the cameras in the crowd.

A bit unsure what tomorrow will bring, there is forecast for light snow and most of us have exhausted our '5 of 6 day' lift tickets. If the day looks so-so, there will probably be just a skeleton crew from 'The Gang' out on the mountain.


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