Monday, March 7, 2011

Another relaxing day...

Day 31, Mar 5th

Today, being Saturday, was always going to be an easy one avoiding the crowds on the hill.

Diane is feeling a bit better, but still finding it hard to stomach food. She elected to skip breakfast so I joined Clive and Lorraine at our usual breakfast haunt, Cabo Wabo Cantina in Harvey's. After breakfast Clive and Lorraine left to explore the other casino properties in the close vicinity, Horizons Resort and MontBleu. Their prognosis...don't bother. Diane and I headed to the laundry where we did a couple of loads of washing. It seems to be our typical Saturday now, last week in Chicago we spent the evening at a

Clive and Lorraine went to the movies in the afternoon to see 'Hall Pass' and Diane and I spent a lazy afternoon in the room after coffee and a snack for lunch.

In the evening we decided to dress a bit more upmarket for our dinner at the 'Sage Room Steakhouse' just off the gaming floor at Harvey's. Before going to the steakhouse, we attended 'Kitchen 19', another upmarket restaurant and bar on the 19th floor with sweeping views of the lake and mountain, although being dark we did not get the opportunity to enjoy those views. We went to the bar and used some coupons to receive 2 for 1 $12 Martinis. I'm not sure any of us really enjoyed the Martini's we ordered, but you'd get pretty trashed trying them all until you found one you liked.

We went back down to the steakhouse and despite the 3* location off the normal gaming floor, the service and ambiance was absolute 5*. We had about 5 different waiters. A drink waiter, a wine waiter, our normal waiter, a waiter for this and a waiter for that. Of course Clive's reaction was 'I hope they all don't expect a tip'. The hardest part was not getting run over by all the trolleys of food flying down the aisle between tables. All the meals are brought to the table on a trolley where the waiter prepares each meals sides. If you have ordered a baked potato, it is split and semi-mashed by a fork in front of you, then you can get sour cream, chives and bacon added in any quantity you desire. The deserts and coffees were flaming and exploding on trolleys all over the place, there was always something happening.

We finished the evening with a few beers and drinks at the slots whilst the girls had a play and it was close to midnight by the time we headed to bed.

No pics today, but hopefully I can get the pictures and video from the gondola before we leave. Later...

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