Thursday, March 3, 2011

Settled in at Tahoe...

Day 28, Mar 2nd

The weather this morning was as predicted, wet and miserable. The Gondola was on wind hold, as were several of the other chairs. It made the decision to delay the start of our skiing by a day an easy one.

The four of us headed to breakfast in the hotel where Diane discovered she did not have her reading glasses and believed she must have left them in the restaurant at Harrah's the night before. After breakfast, I went in search of her glasses, Clive went to the hotel laundry to remove some clothing from the dryer after he and Lorraine had washed some clothes before breakfast and the girls went off to play the slots.

I found Diane's glasses at the restaurant, Clive did the domestics and we met the girls downstairs to plan the day. I thought it may be a good idea to do a loop of the local bus which runs the length of the main Sth Tahoe strip to have a look at the sights and get some bearings. Diane opted out of going outside in the cold, so Clive, Lorraine and I found the bus stop and waited for the 'GoBlue Bus' which allegedly comes every 20 minutes. At least 30 minutes later we jumped the bus and as Clive, who got on last, passed the driver he was informed it wasn't a free trip which we thought it was. Clive pulled $3 from his pocket and stuck into the drivers perspex cash holder and that was that. We are not sure what they spend the fare money on, but it certainly isn't cleaning the windows which were so filthy you could barely see out of them, seriously. It was a terrible day and it's impossible to keep windows of cars and buses clean in a snow town as we have found out touring the USA, but these looked like they hadn't seen a hose for a month.

When we came back, we found Diane and her and Lorraine decided to play the slots for a little while. I talked Clive into splitting $100 with me at the Craps table. I had given Clive, Lorraine and Diane a quick Craps lesson the previous day, so we went and put the lessons into practice. We had a little bit of success and were winning about $30 when they decided to double the table minimum, for reasons I still cannot fathom. This caused more than half the table to leave, including us.

A relaxing afternoon was followed by a very nice meal at Nepheles, a nice restaurant serving 'Creative Californian Cuisine' and about a 10 minute taxi ride from the casino. Clive and I both had broiled elk and the girls had fish. We all shared an appetizer which was seafood cheesecake. A bottle of wine, a few drinks and a nice night was had by all. The restaurant rang a taxi for us and we were back in the hotel around 10pm. We decided to call it a night there and then and not go up to the gaming floor, so it was an early lights out in preparation for our first day on snow tomorrow.

Some pictures of Tahoe, all taken from our hotel room in Harvey's...


  1. Typical of Dad not to TIP the bus driver.

    Elk!!!! Yuck!!!!

  2. Great picture of Lake Tahoe